Thursday, 16 May 2013

How to shine your Q Ray magnetic bracelets?

How to shine your Q Ray magnetic bracelets?

To shine your Q-Ray magnetic bracelet, you can clean them by using polishing cloths, dips, or warm water and soap.

The benefits of Q-Ray Magnetic Bracelet

Q-Ray Magnetic Bracelets are engineered and designed for the ultimate comfort. Q-Ray Magnetic Bracelets had the band manufactured to naturally fit our wrist in order for us to be comfortable and look natural. Not only that, it also has flat terminal ends which is a major thing that we look for when we try to identify an authentic Q-Ray Magnetic Bracelets.

While the imitation bracelet functions are to provide pressure to our wrist, it also has round terminal balls that put and apply a level of pressure on the wrist. Besides that, many people from around the world believe that Q-Ray Magnetic Bracelets have many health benefits. For example, Q-Ray Magnetic Bracelets are often believed to be able to restore optimal health, relieve cancer pain, increase athletic performance, reduce arthritis aches, and boost energy and so on.

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